Toshiba's New Dedicated 3D Graphics Chip for Mobile Phones

First we had desktops that we played games on. When they couldn’t keep up with the demanding needs of the current games we put in dedicated GPUs. Then the same happened with laptops, we wanted to take our gaming on the go, so we put dedicated graphics cards in our laptops too. Now Toshiba wants to put a dedicated graphics chip inside of cell phones.

The new chip is made up of the separate processors, one is the 3D GPU, another is Toshiba’s Media Embedded Processor for sound and the third is a WVGA LCD controller for the nice big mobile phone displays. It is promised to bring more realistic graphics that previously possible to the mobile phone platform.

We’ll start seeing the first of these produced in October of this year. They won’t, however, be mass-produced until sometime in Q2 of 2008.

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