Xbox 360 Controller with QWERTY Keyboard

Gamespot just nabbed a first hands-on with the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit. It's essentially a QWERTY keyboard add-on for the 360's controllers, offering better support for Xbox Live's MSN Messenger update. Here are their impressions of the product, in brief.

- "...snaps on with a satisfying click..."
- "The keys provide adequate, clicky feedback and are spaced well enough for fast typing..."
- "...the pad also has a messenger button that can open up the messaging window onscreen..."
- It doesn't work with PC users with USB controller (yet at least)
- "...solid product..."

A new headset comes free with the package since the old headset is not compatible. For $30, we just might try it out. Though we're curious as to how much (if any) battery life the glowing keyboard will drain from our frag time.

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