iPod Speaker for Your Bike

We all have our own ways to listen to music. Some of you probably love your ear buds, while others invoke a hipsters' throwback to when it was cool to carry that boom box and play it loud and proud for all to hear. On long bike rides, I do find that my ear buds slip out of my ears and their cords get in my way. On busy roads it's also hard to hear the traffic and other warning noises, but I really love my music. In search of a solution that didn't involve me mounting a boom box on my bike, I came across iHome's iH85B.

This sleek-but-rugged water and impact-resistant polycarbonate case clips to your bike frame across from where you store your water bottle. Simply dock your iPod inside the case and get moving. Control your tunes by using the wireless RF remote control conveniently mounted on your handlebars, which helps you keep focus on the road. The passive speakers provide for a full, rich sound. Whatever your destination (beach, park, pool), unclamp the case and bring your music with you.
Pedal pushers get your groove on!

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