SensorFreshQ Smell Your Meat Freshness

Did I ever claim to have the super-human power to sniff out bad meat? Why does my mother keep putting raw meat in front of my nose and asking me whether there's "anything wrong with it?"

As soon as I possibly can, I'm getting her one of these food smelling devices. The SensorFreshQ runs on two AA batteries, and detects the freshness of meat and poultry within one minute (I can do it 2 seconds, but my accuracy may be doubtful since raw meat always smells awful to me).

It basically takes a sampling of the air around the uncooked meat and detects the presence of bacteria, which produce gasses that can be detected with this device. The results are color-coded so taht green means the meat is fresh, yellow means it's "okay" but not for long (for my mother, this would mean it's not okay and goes in the trash), and red means "don't eat it."

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