Flip Mino HD

I'm a huge fan of the Flip Mino camera, which is tiny and easy and to use, but while the video quality is great for web video and casual use, it's not really what you'd want to capture, say, a wedding or any really important event. Of course, this is not really my concern. For me, I use my Flip cameras to record my dogs doing goofy things and occasionally I find them so cute, I wish the quality was just a bit higher for when I force friends and family to watch their antics on my widescreen television.

My prayers have been answered! Now there's the Flip Mino HD, which records in high-def, at 720p. There's 4 GB of built-in storage, for 60 minutes of high-def video recording. The rechargeable battery is good for two hours of recording before it needs a recharge. The Mino HD is more light sensitive than any other previous model for recording in low-light situations, and there's a more advanced compression engine for better overall sound and image quality. There's also built-in FlipShare software (available later in the year for earlier Flip models) which auto-installs when you plug in the camera to you Mac or PC. It allows for extremely easy editing of your video, capturing frames from your videos as high-quality still images, and seamless uploading to services like YouTube or AOL Video.

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