Samsung Cleo cell phone

The ultra-stylish Samsung Cleo, launched in the Canadian market, is unlike any other flip phone in its shape - it is a solid square with a lovely floral pattern inscribed on the outside, and as Samsung describes it, is quite like powder compact (of the make-up kind). When flipped open, it measures a total length of just 5.5 inches in spite of containing a full-blown QWERTY keypad and a spacious color LCD screen that can display your SMS messages as threads of text conversation. Plus Samsung throws in a 1.3MP camera, an MP3 player with up to 8GB expandable memory, and Bluetooth (stereo). It will be available exclusively in partnership with Bell Mobility and Solo Mobile in three delicious options - pink, champagne and a special "Kisses from Cleo" edition - a "shimmering pink phone with a Cake Beauty mulberry sorbet lip butter."

The handset is apparently priced at $300 and currently available only with Solo Mobile starting at $100 for a 3-year contract. Cool(eo) Canada.

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