Lenovo Launches the World's First Dual-Screen Laptop

Lenovo has finally (officially) launched the world’s first dual-screen laptop, the ThinkPad W700ds, putting some of the mystery around it to rest. The limelight is obviously on the two screens – the main display being 17-inches, with a second 10-inches slide-out screen. And no, the second screen doesn’t weigh down badly on the laptop – just expect the ThinkPad W700ds to be half an inch thicker than its predecessor W700. The spring-loaded secondary display is housed within a “pocket door” configuration and can be angled upto 30-degrees.

The other specs include a NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M graphics card, 8GB RAM, WiFi, support for Dual-Link DVI, Display Port and VGA, a 7-in-1 multicard reader and five USB ports. Some select models also offer WiMAX and an optional fingerprint reader, a smartcard reader and hard drives with full-disk encryption. The device is priced starting at $3,663 and according to Lenovo, it is to be available immediately from the Lenovo website, though a search on the site stills reveals no information on the availability. A must dekko if you are in the field of graphics design or the likewise.

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