Nokia Royal Platinum Phone

Nokia dabbles with the luxury handset market yet again with the Nokia Royal, and you don't have to be blue-blooded to own one, just make sure you have enough balance in your bank account after you make your purchase. You get 8.2 cts of vvs, color 'F' diamonds, alongside approximately 1,160 individually set sparkling gems with the Nokia Royal. Its carbon fibre exterior is removed and fitted with a vast amount of solid platinum, held down securely by 8 handmade platinum screws. The Nokia Royal has enough platinum to make 16 wedding bands of the same material. If you're thinking of a really, really lavish gift for your other half, we guess you'd best mosey down to the Colette store in Paris on January 31st and rub shoulders with sheikhs and other folks on the Forbes list since there will only be 50 Nokia Royals in existence.

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