Wacom PL-900 LCD Tablet

Wacom's PL-900 is unique as this 19" LCD display also doubles up as a tablet, flexing Wacom's muscles when it comes to digital tablets. This display is equipped with a digital pen that allows users to write, annotate and even navigate directly without the help of a mouse. You will get a SXGA resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 pixels in the anti-glare display, making it easy on your eyes even after sitting in front of it for hours. Other features include DVI-I input and DVI-I output connectivity, a wireless and battery-free pen that offers 512 pressure levels and has a programmable double side-switch. The Wacom PL-900 is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows platforms and will retail for £1,249.99 ($1,785) after taxes, accompanied by a two-year warranty.

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