XM-50000Li Electric-Powered Scooter

Although fuel prices have fallen down considerably off their highs from the middle of last year, that doesn't mean we should just go nuts by purchasing a gas guzzler just to impress the Joneses. Why not try something more environmentally friendly with the XM-50000Li electric scooter from X-Treme? This new model just debuted at CES this year, and is the first street-legal electric-powered moped/motorcycle that is powered by 20 lithium-ion batteries to achieve a balance in performance and weight. These batteries will crank out enough juice to power a 5,000-watt motor that allows the XM-50000Li to hit a maximum speed limit of 50 miles per hour within a range of 85 miles. It will retail for $6,000 when available - who said going was a cheap endeavor?

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