FunChuks Adds Color to Your Wii World

We all know that the Wii is already plenty of fun, but how about making it all the more enjoyable with new colors to your Nunchuks? That's what these FunChuks are all about, after all, with the large install base of Wiis around the world, it makes as much sense jumping aboard this bandwagon as it does making accessories for the iPod and iPhone. FunChuks won't make you a better player or prevent you from getting trashed in Wii Boxing, but it will brighten up your room (and maybe even day if your mood is influenced by colors) as you can choose from red, orange, yellow, green, white and black colors. Perhaps Nintendo should repricocate this gesture by coming up with similarly colored Wiis. FunChuks are currently selling for $20 each.

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