Metal Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 3G

Contour Design and Bluetrek have come together to sculpt this Metal Bluetooth Headset for the iPhone, and it is touted to be the thinnest wireless Bluetooth 2.0 headset to date, sharing roughly the same dimensions with a Sony Memory Stick complete with a rubber-tipped in-canal earphone. The silver aluminum body is accented by chrome, where a trio of small buttons located on one edge help you control the volume and presumably, the on/off button. A special power connector on the other end will need to be used in conjunction with the included plastic USB connector whenever you want to juice up the Metal Bluetooth Headset. Each $80 purchase comes with a belt clip, half a dozen rubber eartips, two optional clear plastic ear mounts, a car charging bulb and an USB extension cable for use at home or in the car.

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