Egg Network Gateway Enable 4G Internet Access to iPod Touch

If someone told you that the iPod touch could surf at amazing WiBRO speeds, chances are you'd laugh your head off at this cuckoo bird. Well, nobody's laughing now with Korean cellular provider KT having launched a new network gateway described as the Egg. The Egg hatches a new way of connecting to the Internet with your iPod touch by pulling a WiBRO (WiMAX variant) connection of its own while making it available to others via Wi-Fi to create an impromptu local hotspot that can hit download speeds of up to 37Mbps. KT hopes that this latent ability will see the Egg sell well at Apple resellers, with a handful of Nintendo DS gamers probably checking it out as well alongside others who spend plenty of time with their Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The Egg will retail for $164 in Korea, although those who sign up for a 50GB (!) monthly data plan can have it for free.

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