Surveyor SRV-1 Mobile Robot

The Surveyor SRV-1 Mobile Robot is so small it can fit onto a rather large palm, where it is connected through Wi-Fi to a computer, beaming back whatever it is looking at from its 1.3-megapixel camera. A couple of built-in laser pointers help it navigate around obstacles, while the 7.4V rechargeable battery works for up to 4 horus thereabouts before requiring a recharge. You can control the SRV-1 over the Internet via a simple Web interface, and the open-source software ought to make it a snap to integrate the SRV-1 into your own project if you're so inclined. It is powered by a 500MHz Blackfin BF537 processor with 32MB RAM and 4MB flash memory, which is more than enough space for you to throw in your own hacks and modifications. ThinkGeek is carrying the Surveyor SRV-1 robot for $479.99.

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