Citroen C-ZERO: Minimum Emissions

Citroen wants to go green with their C-ZERO car, where it delivers "triple zero" with zero fuel consumption, zero CO2 emission and zero engine noise. Running on a permanent magnet synchronous motor that pumps out 47kW or 64bhp EEC from 3,000 to 6,000rpm, Citroen claims that this ride is able to hit a top speed of 130kph (80mph), while boasting an acceleration rate from 0-100kph (0-62mph) in 15 seconds and 60-90kph (37-56mph) in six seconds. Each full charge is expected to last for approximately 130km (80 miles). Expect to see the Citroen C-ZERO launch in Q4 2010, with no word on pricing just yet.

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