Yinlips eBook Reader: The Apple iPad Clone

It looks like Yinlips is looking to beat Apple to the market, and possibly confuse iPad shoppers. Its upcoming iPad clone will sport a 6-inch e-ink screen, instead of a boring LCD display. You’ll get a battery that can last up to 20 hours on a full charge and support a variety of formats such as PDF, TXT, CHM, FB2, RTF, TCR, PDB, OEB, HTM, PRC, HTML, EPUB, DJVU, IW44, IW4, DJV and picture files. Considering that it looks quite a bit like the iPad, do you think the arguments of the iPad’s design can be leveled against this eBook reader too? The official pricing of this device don’t seem to be available just yet, so let’s keep an eye on this upcoming eBook reader, shall we?

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