How To Track Who's Viewing Your Facebook Profile

How To Track Who's Looking at You with a Facebook profile is easy and safe, no need to install applications and the like.

Out there a lot of which offer a similar manner, but in the end all that happened was advertisements, commercials and advertisements, if any, you are required to install a Third Party (third party applications) to give it a try.

Unique also if we know who is watching our Facebook profile, right? As this had done in Path, but now that feature has been removed by Path.

Okay, back to the topic. How to find anyone who visited our profile in recent times, can be seen in a way that is so easy. Here's how:

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. Then open your Facebook profile.
  3. Once your profile is open, then right click and select "View page source" (See page source).
  4. Then look for the following words InitialChatFriendsList, so quickly, use CTRL + F.
  5. Well, there are many ID that appears. That is what you can use to find out who has seen your Facebook profile. Just copy one of the ID (number) that exist, then enter in the address bar, so it would look like this:

Application Against False alert
Today many people experienced his Facebook account was hacked. It happened because of our unawareness against phishing similar applications that take advantage of the ignorance of a person using his account.

You need to know, there are no apps out there who can see who track our Facebook profile. So, be careful, if you come across a similar application and asked to log in, immediately close and remove the application.

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