3-in-1 Gadget: Digital Microscope + Webcam + USB 2.0 Hub

Here is another all-in-one gadget, it’s a combination of a digital microscope, web cam and also a USB 2.0 hub. Of course this three-in-one gadget takes power from your PC’s USB port. So, when you miss some of the Biology classes that you’d attended during school time, and feel like acting as a Biologist for just couple of minutes or you simply have too much curiousity about those circuit boards of any unused PC peripherals.

Then just pick up this gadget to scan and capture some high quality images and videos for another great collection. Once you get bored with all these overly geeky stuff, you can then switch it to a web cam, start streaming your cool look, socializing and even flirting around over the Internet. Again, fed up with the web cam? It’s got two USB ports for you to hook up more USB gadgets to have more fun.

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