Color-Call: Red Light Means Don't Answer

Caller ID is a great feature, but if your phone is across the room it still makes you get up and walk over to see that it's your ex calling and you don't want to answer. The Color-Call system lets you see who's calling from afar by assigning different people specific colors that flash when a call comes in. So you can have it flash green if it's a member of your family, red if it's someone from the office, or blue if it's the delivery guy downstairs with your pizza.

If it's a number you don't have stored it'll display a bunch of colors, letting you know to just let the machine get it. Someone should combine this with the phone that lights up, then you'd be able to see who was calling from across the room and not even hear the phone ring. Boy, wouldn't that be something? The Color-Call is available online now for $30.

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