Dosh Waterproof Chic Wallet Keeps Everything Safe

A waterproof wallet that isn't plastic-looking like the Jimi and even has a certain space-age suaveness to it (which I think appeals to women too). The brainchild of Australian designers Henri Spalle and Mark Armstrong, the Dosh wallet is made of a blend of flexible and semi-flexible polymers that makes it not only waterproof but also fairly hardy. At the same time, its sleek design proves that form doesn't have to be sacrificed for function.

As if that those weren't sufficient selling points, the wallet also carries not only (as one would expect) credit cards, notes and coins, but also an integrated compartment that's designed to hold a lot of the odds and ends we tote around in the modern age: SIM cards, keys and security keycards. Plus the billfold area is supposed to be able to fit all currencies, including US dollar bills and Euro notes.

Happily, the Dosh wallet is constructed from recyclable materials. It comes in four certifiably modern colours: white, red, chocolate and charcoal. Made in Sydney, it's available online for AUD49.95 or at various New South Wales stores.

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