Linux Inside BJ Robotic Dog

Robot dogs these days seem to be experiencing a resurgence, and the BJ dog robot is yet another addition to a growing list of electronic pups. For those who want to take care of an electronic pooch without the hassle of sending it to the vet for jabs, bathing it, and even cleaning up after its poo, the price of such convenience would be $4,900. Then again, it won't do much good when there's a thief trying to break into your home.

In the robotic era, everything needs to go robotic, even your lovely puppy. Keeping a robotic dog, such as the BJ would be very much easier to handle than a real dog. As you don’t have to be tied down with the hassle of having to clean its waste and mess. For a robotic dog such as BJ, maybe you’d be worried that it’d go malfunctioning one day due to the infection of virus or failure of its operating system. But, no worry, BJ should be quite safe from virus attack or any common OS failures, as it runs on Linux instead of Microsoft Windows.

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