Uvex Uvision Magic Ski Goggles With LCD

While changing light conditions can be an issue in most sports it’s particularly problematic when you’re out skiing or snowboarding since all that white snow works like a giant reflector. It usually means you have to carry a second pair of ski goggles or even sunglasses for when things get too bright but Uvex has now made that unnecessary with their Uvision line of goggles.

The ‘magic’ used in the pair pictured above is actually liquid crystal technology that is applied to a double lens allowing the goggles to instantly switch between a high-contrast or darker setting with a simple push of a button. The goggles are powered by an easily replaced single AAA battery providing up to 200 hours of use which will probably keep working well after the snow has melted.

The Uvex Uvision Magic goggles will be available starting in September for $230 and there other slightly cheaper versions also available.

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