D-Link's Green Ethernet

D-Link has released the NWA-556 and DWA-643, where the former enables you to hook up to a wireless network from your desktop via the PCIe slot while the DWA-643 targets laptop owners with a USB port to spare. Both devices are Draft N 2.0 compatible and boast a maximum theoretical performance of 300Mbps. Additional features include WPA/WPA2 security as well as WEP data encryption, while the 11 year warranty (what a weird number) will definitely keep either going long after 802.11 has moved beyond the 'N' suffix.

What's more, D-Link has also launched a new line of Green Ethernet products that consist of energy saving desktop switches which cater to home users and small businesses, touting energy savings of up to 44% compared to what's available on the market today. The DWA-643 and DWA-556 will retail for £59.99 each and are available this month, but its Green Ethernet switches will be up for sale in Q4 with no pricing details in sight.

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