Wibrain Launches B1 Teeny UMPC with Dynamism

Wibrain has hooked up with Dynamism to launch the B1 UMPC. The tiny device has a touchscreen of just 4.8" in size but 1024 x 600 resolution, acheived through very high pixel density. It's a Windows XP-packing, lightweight HSDPA device that's compact, portable and relatively powerful for its size.

Wibrain is claiming five hours of official battery time, but being remarkably honest in reducing that to three hours "real world use" in the press release. Other spec includes a 60GB hard drive and 1.2 GHz processor, integrated WiFi, Bluetooth and a pop-up camera / mic for easy VoIP-based communication. The split keyboard, touchpad, cursor keys and touchscreen claim to make navigation a doddle too. Dynamism's addition is unlimited toll-free support and the standard year's warranty. Prices start at $699 (£350).

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