Sony Bravia E4000 HDTV

The Sony Bravia E4000 has been created to look like a picture frame, so that it looks great on your wall. When guests are around, you can create a photo slideshow, turning it into the most expensive photo frame of 2008. Of course, we love the idea and we love how thin the TV seems to be. However, when watching movies, it feels like the white frame could be distracting (the aluminum frame of my current HDTV certainly is). Fortunately, several frame colors are available.

* 26", 32" or 40" LCD 10-bit display
* Frame colors: Midnight Sky, Aluminum, Dark walnut, Pearly White
* 1080p
* Analog/Digital TV Tuner
* 3x HDMI ports, VGA Port
* USB photo viewer

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