Solar Powered Leather Case Charger for Your iPhone

Of all the sweet and chic cases available in plenty for your iPhone, why would you want to even glance at this leather iPhone case which, at best, can only be termed an ugly duckling ? Because, forgetting its ungainly looks for a moment, it is a solar powered case which can juice up your iPhone perhaps during that unexpected emergency when your phone’s completely dead and an alternate power source is hard to find.

The leather case conceals a rechargeable battery that you can charge either by solar power or via USB. Then transfering the power to your iPhone takes just a few simple steps – just insert the iPhone into the case and you are done. The iPhone fully charges up in less than 3 hours provided the battery within the case has been fully charged. Cons ? The battery itself takes an agonizing 12 hours to charge on solar power, and you will have to part with an unreasonable $48 to bring home this beast.

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