STC Wireless Router, Networking Looks Catchy

Some people are so obsessed with beauty, it seems. Take the STC Wireless Router

from Saudi Telecom, for example. Now how attractive could a wireless internet router get? Pretty much eye-catching, is what one would conclude looking at this one.

The uniqueness quotient? The router not only sports the regular wireless internet, Voice over IP, land-line telephone and wired DSL but also doubles up as a flower vase. According to the designers, the ratinale behind this exclusive design came about because "Saudi Telecom was in need for a unique router design that would provoke a positive emotional response". Some thinking, that. It might require a bit of re-conditioning for most folks to get used to a wireless router that looks good as well, but then who wouldn't want to use some harmless camouflage to spruce up a gadgety interior?

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