Hornblower Hybrid Ferry

Alcatraz, or better known as The Rock, sees up to 3 million visitors each year, and all of them are ferried over from San Francisco's bay area. When you think of all the trips taken, the carbon footprint left behind is no longer negligible, which is why Alcatraz Cruises has just rolled out their own green solution in the form of the Hornblower Hybrid ferry. This multi-hulled hybrid boat relies on a couple of wind turbines and a solar array in order to power its navigation tools, lighting as well as a segment of its propulsion system. Maximum passenger capacity stands at 160 people, and whenever the Hornblower Hybrid is idling or in low propulsion mode, it will sip juice from its batteries. When power is required, it will kickstart its Tier 2 marine diesel engines that are touted to be cleaner in comparison to standard catamaran engines. Nice to see the tourism industry take yet another step in keeping the earth green - let's hope other cruise agencies follow suit.

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