Masdar City Working on Driverless Podcar System

Surely the United Arab Emirates have made a killing during last year's oil bull run, and it is time to put all that profit to good use starting with the construction of Masdar City. This city aims to be the first zero-carbon, zero-waste, car-free city in the world, and the government places heavy emphasis on an efficient public transport system by doing away with cars altogether, and will instead rely on a light rail line that will bisect the city and personal rapid transit, (PRT), using podcars that you see on the right in a driverless system. Masdar City ain't too big as it resides on a 2.5 square mile site 11 miles south east of Abu Dhabi, and will be able to house around 50,000 people with an equal number of commuters working in the city. Commuters cannot drive in but will instead leave their vehicles in nine multi-story parking lots around the city walls. Too bad there doesn't seem to be any provision for cyclists at this point in time.

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