Sanyo Offers Gorilla GPS

Sanyo is in the GPS game to the surprise of those who do not follow the scene, although their Gorilla line of GPS devices nearly went extinct a few years back. Since then, Sanyo has taken the relevant steps to bring the Gorilla GPS line back to life, with a trio of Gorilla SSD portable GPS navigation systems to make their debut in Japan later this year. The three Gorilla systems in question are the NV-SD730DT, NV-SB450DT and NV-SB530DT which will come in 7", 5.2” and 5.2" screen sizes, respectively, complete with LED backlight, 8GB SSD, VICS Traffic information (not included on the NV-SB530DT), a 1-Seg TV Tuner and Eco Mode which alerts you whenever your foot steps on the gas pedal too much.

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