Apple Tablet Coming in Early 2010: a Kindle Killer?

We've seen the Apple tablet rumor go by, and we've been following this since the patent was filed, including the recent rumors. However, some are saying that Apple’s tablet could be a "kindle" (or kindle dx) killer, and that's a little bit more curious. For sure, a tablet computer would have many advantages over an eBook and Apple can probably put up a good fight on the distribution side, but the real question is the battery life and the display.

Such a tablet probably won't last for more than 3-4 hours of continuous use, so one has to wonder if that's good enough to act as an efficient eBook. For some users, naybe, but for hardcore readers it is not so certain. Also, reading on an LCD display arguably strains the eyes more than reading on an eBook.

We think that it will take an eBook (with color e-Ink) and a great distribution system to Kill the Kindle.

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