Unique Book Could Judging Someone From Expression?

Do not judge the book by its cover. The parable seems already often we hear everyday yes. The intent of these words is good anyway, that we should not judge someone just from appearance alone, but from the nature and behavior. But what would happen if now there is a book that can judge someone who will read it? Definitely strange and unique yes.
The book is called The Cover That Judges You and is the work of an artist named Thijs Biersteker Amsterdam. He cooperated with creating a book that is complemented by a camera and software that can detect the expression of people who will read it. If the person is showing expression too happy or frown, then book locked with a special key that will not open. Another thing will happen when you perform in front of him with a flat facial expression without prejudice anything. The program will detect it and lock will open automatically. The book is still in prototype form for display in the annual Art Director Club Netherlands.
Are you interested to have it?

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