Dexcom G5 Mobile, Detect Your Blood Sugar Through Smartphone

Like sweets but worried about your blood sugar? You wanted to go to the doctor to find out your blood sugar levels, but do not have much time. If youà not have time to control your blood sugar, this one tool will help you in monitoring blood sugar in your body.
Dexcom, one American company engaged in the field of medical devices. Now as the development of technology, Dexcom create a tool that is named, Dexcom G5.
This tool serves as a scanner blood sugar contained in a person's body. Oval, the tool is placed on the abdomen. By relying on sensors inside the blood sugar in your body can be known immediately.
How to view the content of blood sugar in the body with this tool? Just connect your smartphone that is mounted to the tool application Dexcom Dexcom Mobile G5 is via a Bluetooth connection. Once connected, then the screen of your smartphone will see the amount of your blood sugar content, and is updated every 5 minutes.
Highly functional once while exercising or having a party with friends, and you want your blood sugar is always monitored, because the tool will display a table from time to time, as does the level of your blood sugar levels during a day of activities, down, up, or tend to be stable. Not only that, the result can be shared also with the people closest to you, through your smartphone.

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