Sony Ericsson to Offer WP7 Phone In 2011

In a conference call with investors, Sony Ericsson's CEO has confirmed that the company will be focusing on bringing out Windows Phone 7 (WP7) devices from 2011. Despite the introduction of WP7 devices, it will still continue to develop Android handsets and estimates that Sony Ericsson commands about 19 percent of the revenue share of the Android market. That being said, analysts believe that Sony Ericsson is making a mistake by waiting until next year to bring out a WP7 phone, considering that competitors such as HTC, LG, and Samsung are already doing so now.

White iPhone 4 Spotted in New York

New York, New York! What a wonder you are, and folks from Pocket-Lint managed to grab a glimpse of a white-colored iPhone 4 which was being used by a mystery man. Having approached the owner on how he managed to get his hands around a delectable white iPhone 4 where no one else has managed to do so, he did mention that Apple's HQ in Cupertino has plenty of white iPhones, having enlisted the help of his mate to "fix him up" with the model in his hand. Apparently, Apple isn't too happy with their suppliers in the East when it comes to matching white color of the phone's parts, so it will take some time before this issue gets sorted out. Of course, we on the other hand have already spotted some press test in the wild since June, so there is every possibility that this might be part of that batch. Don't rule out the possibility of him being an Apple employee or a family of an employee, either.

Limited Edition Ultrasone 10 Headphones

Ultrasone just announced their limited edition Ultrasone 10 headphones, which are made of high-end materials for a price of $2,749. For the price point, you do get a wooden storage box and wooden stand for your marvel. According to the company, "The long awaited open back Edition 10 headphone boasts the most luxurious feature set of any special edition headphone to date." Only 2,010 headphones will be made as these are limited editions. The company is saying that these are the "most lavishly appointed and highly coveted speciality headphones ever created."

The headphones' claim to fame are the Zebrano wood ear cup inlays, Ethiopian sheepskin leather ear cup pads, Titanium plated drivers, Kevlar coated cables.

ASUS Release Eee Pad EP90 Sports Tegra 2

Asus's new Eee Pad is caught in pictures, and this time the Eee Pad tablet sheds its Intel processor in favor of the dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset. The tablet also runs Windows 7 embedded and has a battery life of around 4.5 hours. WiFi, memory card slot, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, and a 0.3-megapixel webcam round out the specs for this tablet.

AT&T Announces Android Motorola Flipside

We've heard of the Flipside name before from an AT&T leak, and now the carrier has gone on to announce the Motorola Flipside, which is an Android smartphone. Rather than the form factor employed by the Backflip with its backflipping keyboard, the Flipside uses a more conventional sliding keyboard form factor. With a front trackpad, the device seems to be a nice merge of the T-Mobile CLIQ and CLIQ XT form factors into a compact package for AT&T.
With a 3.1-inch HVGA screen, the Flipside is a midrange handset that features Motorola's CrystalTalk technology for noise cancellation. It features MOTOBLUR, Android 2.1, and a TI OMAP 3410 processor with HSDPA 7.2 Mbps support. There is 512 MB/256 MB ROM/RAM and a 2 GB microSD card in the box. Bluetooth, WiFi b/g, and GPS are standard. Available for $99.99 by the holiday season, you can get more information about the Flipside by visiting

Android Robot Comes to Life: Walks, Talks, and Moves

It's alive! Not really, but this Android robot looks like the adorably cute mascot for Google's mobile operating system, and as fate would have it, the robot can be remotely controlled by an Android device. The franken-Google-bot is created by Japanese companies RT Corporation and Brilliant Service with a mouth that opens, moving arms and walking legs.

Check out videos of the robot in action below!

Kid Walker Exoskeleton Transports Kids in Robotic Fashion

If the army can have its own exoskeleton units, then why not kids? That's the idea that Japanese company Sakakibara Kikai is going after with its $21,000 Kid Walker, which is an exoskeleton that will move your kids around and is designed for kids. Your child can sit up in a chair on this 5 1/4-feet tall, 400-pound machine and it will "walk"--well, it actually has wheels that will roll your kids around as the robotic legs don't move for safety.

Google Trademarks The Speedbook Name

A new trademark filing by Google has been discovered, just in time to get tongues wagging before the weekend. According to the report, Google has trademarked the term "Speedbook" under computer hardware, so speculation is that it could refer to an upcoming tablet or netbook powered by Google's upcoming Chrome OS. No actual details on what the Speedbook might be have been mentioned just yet, so until Google decides to tell us what it is, we can only guess and dream.

Redstar's Shogo Linux-powered tablet

Heard of Redstar before? Perhaps not, as we haven't till today, but the Japanese-based company has begun to receive pre-orders of their own Shogo Linux-powered tablet. This 10.1-inch tablet device will be powered by a Freescale iMX-37 processor, featuring a 1024 × 600 resolution with multi-touch capability, 4GB of internal memory, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, 3G support just in case there aren't any Wi-Fi networks around, Zigbee, an SDHC memory card slot and 256MB RAM. No idea on whether this will arrive Stateside or not, but if it does, it looks set to live a pretty tough life since there isn't any back-end software support such as Android Market or the App Store to prolong its usefulness.

ExoPC Windows 7 Tablet

Folks who were looking forward to getting hold of the Windows 7-powered ExoPC were probably disappointed when it was confirmed that the tablet was to be delayed by several months. Well, time has passed, and now the company has confirmed that it’s planning to accept its first pre-orders for the device from September 3rd, and are having the first 1,200 orders shipped out on September 30th. The rebadged partner slate, dubbed the Ciara Vibe, will be going up for retail in Canada from October 15th.